A game everyone can play, and one where EVERYONE wins.

Cards4Humanity is a game that plants seeds of kindness in the lives of others, while helping you create a habit of happiness and giving in your own life.

The deck consists of 21 cards oozing with happy vibes and high-five worthy encouragement that YOU, the player, pass along to others.

Each person who finds a card, tracks it on the Cards4Humanity website using a unique code on the back, and then passes it on to another to keep the kindness growing.

Are you ready to change the world, one card at a time?

How to Play

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We created a deck of 21 Cards4Humanity printed with kind and encouraging messages meant to brighten the day – and ignite the heart - of whoever receives them.

Your task is to give them away.

Science of Kindness

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The Science of Kindness and Giving can be boiled down to a simple equation:

A gift 4 Another = A gift 4 you

And when it comes to giving, what you receive is the best gift of all. Don't believe us? Check out what scientists are saying...

Our Story

It was John Lennon who once said, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans" and he was right, or at least in regards to how Cards4Humanity began!

Every movement has a beginning, and this is our's...

Cards4Humanity is a game that proves even the smallest actions can leave a lasting impact.


No matter who we are, where we live or the color of our skin,

LOVE is what unites us and... It starts with KINDNESS.

We’re ready to change the world.

Are you ready to "play" a part?