Empowered by Kindness. Connected through Conversation.
Cards4Humanity is a game of giving, kindness, and the possibility
of changing lives, one card at a time.


Science proves simple acts of kindness change us - and not just for those who receive them. Harnessing the power of giving, Cards4Humanity is comprised of 21 cards passed to friends or strangers for 21 days.

A game for humanity, it has the power to change all who play because beyond what appears to separate us, love and kindness will always unite us.

In the end:

We're ALL on the same team.



Cards4Humanity is much more than a game.
It's a revolution. Based in human connection and simple acts of kindness, each card has the potential to change lives every time it's given away and with every conversation it starts. 

Here's How →


21 cards
21 conversations
21 days of changing lives

How to Play →