Cards4humanity started with a story, that sparked an idea,
that blossomed into so much more.

The following is that story...



There once lived a woman, a spiritual master who knew the secrets to the mysteries of life and spent her days traveling  through Europe sharing her wisdom and magic with others.

Traveling by train between each city, the other passengers would stare in confusion as she always performed the same strange act. Sitting by the open window of the train, she would reach into a bag of wildflower seeds sitting on her lap and toss handfuls out the open window onto the passing landscape below.

One day, a man sitting across from her asked,

"If she was never going to pass this way again, why would she wasted her time and money throwing seeds for flowers she would never see grow?"

To this, the wise woman replied, 

"I may never see these flowers grow, but think of the countless others who will pass this way and delight in their beauty for years to come."

"This," she said, "is the meaning of life."


From this story, A question sprouted: 

What "wildflower seeds" could we throw for others?

Cards4Humanity are tiny seeds meant to be planted in the lives of others for the purpose of spreading joy, kindness and a little encouragement at unexpected moments, quite possibly when it's needed most.

We all want to be kind and do something meaningful for this world, but life can speed by and the opportunity passes, or we don't know what to do to help another.

With Cards4Humanity, in the simplest moments of our day, we can stop, step outside our daily routines and take a moment to think of the happiness of another by leaving a card and encouraging words. 

The cards, like tiny wildflower seeds, are planted in the life of others and blossom into so much more. With question prompts on the back and an ongoing conversation available to anyone, every card connects us and the world becomes a little kinder. We feel a little less alone.

In the end, we realize we're all part of Team Humanity and here to give to one another. 

This, is the meaning of life.

This, is Cards4Humanity.

The only question left is:

Are you ready to play?