#1. Spark a Revolution

#2. Start a Conversation

#3. Start Giving!

#4. Track it Online


Each Cards4Humanity deck begins a personal “Kindness Revolution” with YOU leading the way.

When you receive your Cards4Humanity, register your deck on the website. Here you can create your personal page and set any intentions for your game.

What do you wish for the world? What is your “why?” You can even dedicate your game to a loved one or cause.

By playing the Cards4Humanity game, you’re playing your part in creating a kinder, more connected world for all humanity and really...

What is more revolutionary than that?

Each card poses a question relevant to all humanity that starts a meaningful conversation.

Before you give the cards, answer the questions associated with each card on your personal "Kindness Revolution" page. Questions such as:

  • "What gives you hope?"
  • "What do you find most beautiful about this world?"

 Future players who come in contact with the card are invited to "join the conversation" by providing their own answer as well. In addition to kindness, you're also sparking:

A community of people connect in meaningful conversation.

Cards4Humanity ignite the hearts and minds of whoever receives them. Your task is to get them out into the world!

There are 21 Cards4Humanity in every deck and players have ONE task: To give them all away.

When it comes to giving, YOU make all the rules! Cards4Humanity can be given wherever and however YOU like.

Leave a card in a library book or on the seat of the bus. Hand a card to a stranger walking down the street or send to a friend who could use a smile.

With Cards4Humanity, the only rule is to be kind and give it away!

Use the unique tracking codes to track the Kindness & Conversation as the card is played forward!

Each card has a unique code printed on the back that can be used to track its journey online.

Players can see who's played the card, where it's been, and join the conversation by answering the question posed by that card.

Players are encouraged to keep the card in play and keep the kindness growing by passing it to another.

Cards are made of a durable material. As long as they are played forward and tracked online...

The giving goes on and on!


Be as creatively daring or altruistically adventurous as you want.
As long as  you're giving a card away each day, you're doing it right!

The world is waiting for your kindness. Are you ready to play?