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What makes you shine? How do you make others' lives brighter?

There is a brilliant light inside you that belongs to you alone. Maybe it's the way you make others smile. Maybe its how you think or the way you see the world. Maybe... it's a light you've never let shine.

Whatever your brilliant light may be, trust that it's in there and that you were born to shine. And, if you can't find your light, all you have to do is light up another, and your light will start shining within you.

So what makes you shine? And what can you do to light up the lives of others?

Someone left this card for you. Now it's your turn to play.
Join the conversation and share your answers below. Then pass the card onto another and keep the game going. To start your own revolution of kindness to change your life and the lives of others, click the button and let the giving begin: