We've created a deck of 21 cards with kind and encouraging messages to make others smile.

Your task is to give them away.


Here's how to play:

1.  Get Cards4Humanity

Every deck is a kindness revolution that ripples out in the world with 21 cards that change you, the lives of others, and this world.

2.  Start a Conversation






3.  Give the cards away





4.  Connect



5.  You Win!



The Cards4Humanity deck contains 21 cards and each card poses a specific question. You can join the community conversation by leaving your answers on the Cards4Humanity website, or simply start a conversation with friends or strangers every time you leave a card.


Leave the cards anonymously at random locations or secret spots. Hand to a stranger or pass to a friend. You get to decide how, where and (sometimes) who receives your kindness.

Take the 21-Day Kindness Challenge. Leave all 21 Cards4Humanity in 21 days and create a new habit of happiness in your life. Learn about the science of happiness and habit-forming happiness HERE.


When you join the ongoing online conversation and you turn on email notifications, anytime someone shares an answer, you will be notified of their answer and keep up with the conversation.

After you've passed out all 21 cards, your heart will be happy knowing you've done something good for another and for this world. Now ti's time to sit back and reap the rewards that giving and kindness brings.


Cards4Humanity can change your life as well as the lives of others. With 21 cards to give away and 21 conversations to start, a kinder more connected world is waiting for you with every card you play.

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