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What small act of kindness can you perform for another today?

When we show someone kindness, no matter how small, for a brief moment that person is reminded... someone cares.

We don't know what others are going through, and that small act of kindness is like a seed planted in their life that can blossom for years to come. 

Someone left this card as an act of kindness for you because... they cared. So today, what small act of kindness can you perform for another?  Share your answers below and then, pass this card on to another so they are reminded today... someone cares. 

Someone left this card for you. Now it's your turn to play.
Join the conversation and share your answers below. Then pass the card onto another and keep the game going. To start your own revolution of kindness to change your life and the lives of others, click the button and let the giving begin: