Our world could use a little more kindness
and connectedness right now.

That's why we created

our mission

Cards4Humanity is a game that plants seeds of kindness in the lives of others, while helping you create a habit of happiness and giving in your own life.

Through the act of giving away 21 cards to friends or strangers, Cards4Humanity seeks to teach others about the power of kindness, while asking deeper, more meaningful questions that can be answered online in an ongoing conversation. The act of anonymously leaving cards for another, or passing them to strangers or friends, connects us on a human level, while the online conversation teaches us to listen to each other's stories and see past any perceived differences.

After all, we are one people living on one planet. Beyond any differences in race, religion, gender, political affiliation or socio-economic backgrounds, we're all human. We're all on the same team and Cards4Humanity is as a game everyone can play, and one where everyone wins.


the game

Kindness Cards
Each Cards4Humanity deck contains 21 cards with kind and encouraging messages on the front and meaningful questions printed on the back. Your task is to start a conversation by logging your answers online, and then passing the cards to strangers or friends to keep the conversation, and the kindness, going.

Why 21 days?
Science shows it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit in our life. Science also shows that simple acts of giving can have a profound affect on our happiness as well as the happiness of others.

Cards4Humanity can be given away at your leisure, or you can choose to take the "21-day Kindness Challenge" by passing along all 21 cards in 21 days, creating a newly-formed habit of happiness in your life. Either way, your simple act of giving is doing something good for you... and another. (Read more about the scientific findings of kindness here).

Who receives the cards?
Cards can be passed to friends, handed to strangers or anonymously left in random locations for an unsuspecting person to find. Once a person finds a card, they are invited to the Cards4Humanity website to answer the question and join the on-going conversation. They then are asked to pass the card along to keep the game - and the conversation - going. As long as the card is passed, the kindness and conversation continues.

Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.
— Tolstoy