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A revolutionary game of giving to create a kinder, more connected world…

and a happier you.

Spark Kindness

Ignite Inspiration

Create Connections

With every card you play.

Right now the world could use a little more:


Life isn’t always easy – especially lately.
A global pandemic. Stress and mental health struggles from months of social distancing. Ongoing political division. Widespread racial and social injustice. A planet in need… With so many issues facing our world creating disconnection from each other – and ourselves…

How do we come together and build a better world for all?

We need to realize:

We're On the Same Team

Cards4Humanity: It's Time to Play

Cards4Humanity has 21 cards with kind and inspiring phrases, thought-provoking questions, and access to 21 unique online video messages meant to inspire and uplift your life – and then the lives of others – by giving them away!

With Cards4Humanity You Have:

Messages of Kindness to inspire and encourage you and others
Cards4Humanity for you to pass to friends, family, or strangers
Moments to Change Someone’s Life– Including Your Own…
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A Game Everyone Wins

Harnessing the power of kindness, Cards4Humanity is a revolutionary game of giving where everyone wins.

Science shows that simple acts of kindness have a powerful impact on people’s happiness and their health – and not just for those who receive. When you perform a kind act or give to another, your health improves. You become happier, less stressed, and more energized.

You can even grow younger!

With Cards4Humanity, you have 21 cards to give to others to create moments of kindness, inspiration, and connection in their life -and yours. Every card you play, you are doing something good for another, for yourself, and for this world.

That’s what we call, a win-win!

How it Works:

Step One:

Let Cards4Humanity inpire you…

Each Cards4Humanity deck has 21 Cards with:

Use the messages, questions, and videos of each Cards4Humanity to first infuse your life with inspiration and kindness – and then share them with others!

This is a Cards4Humanity!

Drag the slider to see the elements of the card:

  • Inspiring message on the front
  • Thought-provoking question on the back
  • QR Code that takes you to a special video message and online message board for each card!


Every deck comes with a downloadable journal to track, record, and reflect upon all the inspiration and happy moments coming your way with your game of giving!

Step Two

You Inspire Others…

Once the Cards4Humanity have worked their magic in your life, it’s time to spread the joy to others by giving them away!

With the Cards4Humanity Game of Giving you have:


Each Cards4Humanity is linked to a unique online message board (accessed from the QR Code/ URL on the back of the card) where you can leave your own message for the person receiving that Cards4Humanity!

Step Three

Inspire the World…

Give 21 Cards4Humanity in 21 days to change 21 lives – including your own.

When it comes to creating a better world, we each have a “part to play.” Cards4Humanity are designed to stay “in play” by passing the cards on and on. When you give Cards4Humanity, you’re igniting a kindness revolution that affects countless lives – including your own!


Head over to the “Science of Kindness“ page to learn the amazing benefits YOU receive – and the positive influence you have on others – every time you give kindness.

Start Your Game of Giving!

More Than a Game... It's a Revolution

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Cards4Humanity is a Kindness Revolution…

That starts with YOU.

"We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world."

~ Howard Zinn

Let’s Get Started:

Get your Cards4Humanity Deck and download your Cards4Humanity Digital Journal.

Let the messages Cards4Humanity change your life and the lives of others by giving them away!

Experience the benefits of giving and kindness as a flood of feel-good vibes infuse your life!

Start Your Game of Giving

Cards4Humanity is a game for ALL humanity that has the power to change anyone who plays. Because beyond what appears to separate us, love and kindness will always unite us.


After all, in the end..

We're On The Same Team


With Cards4Humanity, Everyone Wins

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Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people,
more beautiful than perpetual kindness.