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There is beauty in everything and everyone, if you CHOOSE to see it.

Stop and look around you – Can you find the beauty in this moment, in this life, and the people around you?

Tell us belowWhat is beautiful about where you are or who you’re with in this very moment?

And thenGive this Cards4Humanity to someone else to help open their eyes to the beauty surrounding them as well!

Use the boxes below to share your answer and leave an inspiring message for others who receive this Cards4Humanity!

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Form Results

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Location Message
GaveGreenwood, INSuch a great message these days when so much “judgement “ and finger pointing going on (vac/antivax) si great message to leave…trusting the person who finds will feel the love
GaveKroger on 116th St. - Carmel, INSometimes when things are hard it's hard to see what's good in our lives. For whoever finds this card, I hope it brings a smile to your face and helps you see the all the beauty surrounding you 🙂
ReceivedKing Super - Denver CO What a great message! When I look around me right now I see my kids and they're defintiley what make my life beautiful.
GavePark bench - Central Park NYFor whoever finds this card, i think Central Park is one of the most beautiful places and I hope you're enjoying your day! This message made me look around at the people in the park today and I felt so happy just seeing them and realizing- this is life! Hopw you find the same beauty in your life today too!