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Can you change the world? If you answered, “Yes”… then you will.

If you believed you had the power to create a better world, what would you do?

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Form Results

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Location Message
GaveTulum, Mexico!This card spoke to me from a more personal perspective. I can change my internal world….after which external changes may result! Happy reflecting!
ReceivedSoma Cafe, Bloomington, INIt cheered me up to think there is still good on campus when we have seen so much bad this last semester.
GaveFirst Watch Cafe in IndianapolisHope this brightens and inspires your day
GaveOgle Lake at Brown County State Park IndianaCan you change the world? If you answered yes then you will.
GaveMailed it to a friendThere's a lot of issues in the world right now, but I believe we have the power to make them better. It takes each person standing up to do the right thing. I mailed this card to my friend because she created a business that combats the climate change issue and helps with social impact. She's definitely helping change the world for the better!
GaveIn a hospital waiting room for imaging services (mammograms).I trust you have a good screening outcome. I did.