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Location Message
GaveToronto, CanadaHave a lovely day and keep creating beauty! Spread da Love ❤️
GaveRest Stop I70 E Silver Lake, ILLive long and prosper 🙂
GaveInner Path - Indianapolis, INFor whoever found this card with the sage bundles, I hope you clear away any old thoughts and know you can start over new every single day. It's almost a new year and time for new beginnings!
ReceivedPeace water winery- Carmel INThis message made me think. I can't change some of the things that have happened in my life but I can change the way I'm thinking about them. Whoever left this card - thanks! It made my night feel lighter!
GaveFor my coworker on her deskThis card helped me get through my day and stop thinking about what happened in the meeting this morning. I think when we're mindful we CAN change the course of our day. I was frustrated but then I decided to ficus in the good things happening and I felt so much better
ReceivedNewfield Museum, IndianapolisThank you whoever left this card! I found it in the museum and it inspired me to look at my life as something I create. Maybe my masterpiece will be in a museum someday lol