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Today’s Plan:
1. Be Kind

2. Carry on…

How would your life change if “Kindness” was at the top of your task list each day?

Time for kindness! Give your best compliment to everyone who lands here on this page today!

And thenBe Kind and pass this Cards4Humanity to another to inspire their day!

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Form Results

Gave /
Location Message
GavePage, AZSimple message I left behind and I will apply it to my own “plan” today as well! Have a great day!
ReceivedSooke, BC mailThe world would be a better place if we were all kinder towards each other!
GaveIndianapolisAs this card moves through the world, I hope it becomes a reminder that we are all connected!
GaveNewport Coffee Evanston Illinois Here with an old new friend and sharing the love