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When life doesn’t go as planned, TRUST the detours. They’re leading you where you’re meant to be.

How have the “setbacks” in your life shaped you into who you are today?

Tell us belowHas there ever been something in your life that happened that you weren’t expecting (or maybe you didn’t want to occur), but over time it lead you to where you needed to be? What would you say to encourage others who may be going through a tough time right now?

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Form Results

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Location Message
GaveThe Blend coffee shop. Burlington ColoradoStay open to where detours May point you❤️👉👆👈
ReceivedMy friend gave to meMy awesome friend gave this to me because my mom is sick and I've been taking care of her. It's been hard but I like this message of trusting whatever is happening. It's a good reminder and makes me feel better 💚💚💚
GaveLeft on the seat of my Uber Hey! Whoever finds this card I hope your going where you want to go. If anything isn't going the way you want, trust me it will get better. I had to move home last year because of the pandemic and I hated it at first. But now I feel like I get to start a different life and I'm going to make it better than before. I'm actually happy all of this happened!