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About that DREAM in your heart…
If not now, when?

What do you dream of? What’s one thing you can do to begin making that a reality?


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GaveBarefoot coffeeHey! Whatever your dream in your heart is, I hope you’ve found this card and it’s a sign to you to go after it today. Because as Howard Thurman said: Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Xo
GaveIn a pocket in a coat at Meijer - Southport, INFor whoever finds this card, please believe in your dreams! You have them for a reason and if you found this card, maybe your dream is calling to you to begin! Following a dream may not turn out exactly as you plan, but it will take you on the most amazing ride as you work to build it. You have this care so it's time to begin!
ReceivedOn a table at Starbucks Whoever left the card - thanks! I don't know my dream but I want to find one
GaveTo my friend SarahHey friend! This card is for you to tell you it's TIME to start your biz idea you're always talking about!! Do it! It'll be brilliant because you're brilliant 👏