We’ve Created a Deck of 21 Cards with Kind and Encouraging Messages to Inspire Others.

Your task is to give them away.

Your Game of Giving

CARDS4HUMANITY consists of 21 Kindness Cards for you to give to 21 people in 21 days.
What you get in return is so much more…

With Cards4Humanity You Get:

Deck of 21 Cards4Humanity

Each Cards4Humanity deck contains 21 cards that have:

1) Kind and encouraging messages on the front to ignite and inspire you and others

2) Thought-provoking question on the back inviting you to consider new possibilities and perspectives on kindness, happiness, and living your very best life

The Cards4Humanity first inspire and change your life, and then you inspire and change the lives of others by giving them away!

Digital Cards4Humanity Journal

When you buy a Cards4Humanity deck, you also get a downloadable journal for you to track your journey, record your reflections, and make note of all the happiness and feel-good vibes that will be coming your way!

You can note:

  • Where you left each card
  • Who you gave it to
  • How you felt before and after you left the Cards4Humanity
  • And any unexpected moments or conversations you shared

Use the 21-day tracker to mark your journey of creating a feel-good habit of kindness in your life!

DID YOU KNOW? When you physically write down or record your actions and thoughts, it further engrains them in your mind (called neuroplasticity) and helps to create a new healthy habit in your life. It also helps lay down a neural pathway (think superhighway of information) to better deliver those feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine you’ll experience from being kind and giving to another.

21 Virtual Video Messages

Every Cards4Humanity has a unique QR Code/ URL printed on the back that takes you to a special video message created especially for each card.

The unique virtual video messages add a little extra inspiration and encouragement for you and anyone who receives that Cards4Humanity!

Once you’ve given or passed the Cards4Humanity to others, use the identical QR Code/URL printed in your Digital Cards4Humanity Journal to return to the inspirational video messages (and get an extra boost for your day!).

Add a Special Message to Each Card!

Before you pass a Cards4Humanity to another, you’re invited to also leave your own message with each card.

The QR Code/ URL printed on the back of each Cards4Humanity (and in the Digital Cards4Humanity Journal), takes you to a special online message center specific to that card. There you can add your own note of inspiration for whomever receives that card, and/or share your thoughts about that Cards4Humanity’s particular theme if you choose.

Anyone who gives or finds/receives a Cards4Humanity will read the notes and can leave their own thoughts or messages as part of the ongoing conversation. It’s our way of building community and connection between all who use Cards4Humanity to create moments of kindness and inspiration in the lives of others!

Get Your Cards4Humanity Deck Now

Cards4Humanity Is As Easy As:

1. Buy the Deck

Receive your Cards4Humanity deck, download your Cards4Humanity Digital Journal and get ready to start your kindness revolution!

2. Be Inspired

Let the messages of kindness, thought-provoking question, and special virtual videos encourage and inspire you each day!

3. Inspire Others

Pass the Cards4Humanity to friends and family, or leave anonymously for strangers to find. They’re perfect for anyone needing a little encouragement or kindness (that’s everyone right now)!

Start Your Game of Giving

A’s to Your Q’s:

Why 21 Cards4Humanity?

Science shows it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit in our life. Science also shows that simple acts of giving can have a profound effect on our happiness as well as the happiness of others. When you combine the two, something magic happens

Cards4Humanity can be given away at your leisure, or you can choose to take the “21-day Cards4Humanity Kindness Challenge” by passing along all 21 Cards4Humanity in 21 days, creating a newly-formed habit of happiness in your life. That’s 21 days of changing others’ lives that also offers you 21 opportunities to create a habit of receiving the benefits of giving and kindness!

Whether you choose to take the “21-day Cards4Humanity Kindness Challenge” or give the cards away at random – either way, your simple act of giving is doing something good for you… and another!

Who receives the cards?

When you’re ready to give a Cards4Humanity to another, the cards can be passed to friends or family, handed to strangers (you may even strike up a conversation and make a new friend!), or anonymously left in random locations for an unsuspecting person to find.

Once a person finds or receives a Cards4Humanity, they read the inspiring phrase and thought-provoking question, and can then use the QR Code (or URL) printed on the back of each card to hear the special virtual video message. There they can also read the comments and notes from those who have left that card and leave their own personal note of thanks or reflection on the online message board as well!

After they’ve received the message and joined the conversation, they are encouraged to pass the Cards4Humanity along to keep the game – and the conversation – going. As long as the card is passed, the kindness and conversation continues!

Are there other ways to play?

When it comes to Kindness and Cards4Humanity – there are no rules! With Cards4Humanity, it’s your game of giving and you get to choose how you use the cards. You can:

  • Draw all 21 Cards4Humanity as your own 21-day journey of self-reflection before giving them to others
  • Draw one Cards4Humanity each day, reflect upon it, and then give it away that same day! (Take the 21-Day Kindness Challenge to form a habit of happiness and giving!)
  • Share the Cards4Humanity at a dinner party by giving them to guests as a gift and conversation starter
  • Take them to your book club, meeting groups or organization as a group excise and report back how it felt to pass along the kindness
  • If you’re a teacher (great for yoga retreats!) pass them out to your class for discussion or a group project

There are no limits to playing Cards4Humanity and sharing kindness. This is your game of giving and as long as you’re using the Cards4Humanity to inspire your life – and then giving them to others, you’re doing it right!

Let’s do this!

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