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Do what sets your soul on fire.
It‘ll ignite your life and make you shine!

What is one thing that makes you feel ridiculously happy? When was the last time you did that?

Tell us belowWhat do you love to do that lights you up?
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Form Results

Gave /
Location Message
GaveMunising, MIFollow your dreams and pack lightly!
GaveBaymont Inn, Salina, KSFollow your heart, and your dreams will materialize.
ReceivedReceived card in Carmel, Indiana at Bazbeaux’s Pizza A dear friend passed this my way over lunch. The question was what is one thing that makes you feel ridiculously happy and when was the last time you did that? Well, dancing lights my soul on fire and I just let loose in my kitchen while rocking out to Just Fine by the one the only Mary J Blige. Keep doing all the little and big things that light your soul on fire! Xoxo and much love today and every day!
GaveTo a friend. If anyone can ignite fires, it’s this friend. What a pleasure to share it with her in Carmel, IN.
GaveKroger on Madison Ave - IndianaI love cooking for others and bringing everyone together for fun dinners! Whoever finds this card today - I hope you remember to do whatever makes you the happiest too!
ReceivedGas pump Jacksonville FLWhoever left this card - thanks! Super random surprise in my day. I'm headed home from work to hang with my family that lights me up
GaveTrailhead in Briwn County, IN It's such a gorgeous fall day and getting out in the woods is something that totally lights me up! Since you found this card that means you're here too- I hope your hike is awesome and have a great day!