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Form Results

Gave /
Location Message
ReceivedBroad Ripple, IndianaI love this message! Recieved from Steve Ross at a Walk the Talk Tribe Dinner!
GaveSanta bench in the Miami zooBest wishes and I hope you have a great 2022! I love the zoo and all the animals in it!
ReceivedIndianapolis airportI hope whoever reads this is having a great day! And remember to enjoy life!
GaveIndianapolis Airport For whoever finds this card in the KIND gallery - I hope you have a wonderful flights and the happiest of holidays! Travel is one of my passions and definitely something I love ❤ I hope you love the life you're living and that it's filled with the the things that light you up - no matter what anyone else thinks 🙂
ReceivedBottle works - indianapolis in I want to be someone my kids are proud of and show them how to be a good and loving person in the world
GavePeabody parlor- indianapolis INThe life I want to live is moving to mexico and write my book!!