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To radically change the world: Do something KIND for the person next to you…
Right Now.

How would our world change if everyone on the planet did one kind thing for the person next to them each day?

Tell us belowWhat is your plan to do something kind for another today? And do you believe kindness can radically change the world? If you’ve already done something kind for someone today, let us know that too!

If you’ve yet to perform a kind act today, then pass along this Cards4Humanity to another and know that you’re on your way to radically changing the world!

Use the boxes below to share your answer and leave an inspiring message for others who receive this Cards4Humanity!

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ReceivedTarget - Bradenton FLThanks for whoever left me this card - I'll pass it on as my kimd deed today!
GaveMetro Diner - Westfield, INI'm leaving this card to do something kind for whoever finds it. I love the idea that we evolved by being kind!

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