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Form Results

Gave /
Location Message
GaveWilmington NY /Adirondack mountains Hope this card hits home for you! It’s a sign 🙂
ReceivedCafeFuck your cards.
GaveTo my friend KunalThis is a sign that you are a generous and giving person.
GaveThe Garage Bottleworks - Indianapolis Whoever finds this card - I hope it brings you the sign you're looking for in your life. As you look for answers, following your heart is the best place to start. Happy holidays and wishing you all the best!
ReceivedFound it in subway I hate my job and it drives me crazy. Maybe this is a sign I should quit! 🤣
GaveUnion Station - l.a. caliThis is the city of dreams. Its hars sometomes but don't give up on your dream no matter what! Hopefully this will be a sign you need to keep ypu going in the right direction 💜
ReceivedDenver AirportFor whoever finds this card today and wherever you are going, I hope you find what you're seeking, make lots of memories on your trip and remember its about the people and in our lives and doing what we love that matters most!