Welcome to Cards4Humanity!

Welcome to Cards4Humanity and congratulations on beginning your journey to creating a kinder, more connected world – and a happier, more connected you! If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the video above for your first message and some important details about how this “game” is played.

To help you get started, we’ve added a quick recap below.


Download Your Cards4Humanity Journal

The Cards4Humanity Journal is your step-by-step guide as you begin your Cards4Humanity journey of creating more kindness and connection in your life, as well as the lives of others. In addition to the inspiring and encouraging phrases and thought-provoking questions created for each Cards4Humanity, you’ll find additional questions/journal prompts designed to help you to reflect upon your own life and purpose here on the planet, as well as the power we all have to truly make a positive impact in this world.

Use this journal as your place to record your thoughts, experiences, and sparks of inspiration received with every Cards4Humanity you “play.” There’s also a page to track your “game of giving” as you pass the cards to others to plant seeds of kindness and connection in their life as well!

Did you know…. When you physically write down or record your actions and thoughts, it further engrains them in your mind (called neuroplasticity) and helps to create a new healthy habit in your life. It also helps lay down a neural pathway (think superhighway of information) to better deliver those feel-good chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine you’ll experience from being kind and giving to another. So be sure to download your Cards4Humanity journal and track your journey!

Download Your Journal here

Let Cards4Humanity Inspire YOU!

Ready to be inspired? After you’ve downloaded the 21-Day Cards4Humanity Reflection Journal, you’re ready to begin your life-changing journey of kindness and connection!

  • Each day, draw a Cards4Humanity from the deck to receive your message of inspiration, kindness, and encouragement – to spark some happy feel good vibes or intentions for your day.
  • Use the the QR Code (or URL) printed on the back of each card to hear a special video message of what this card could mean for you and this world.

After you’ve chosen a Card4Humanity, received your special video message, and reflected upon the phrase and questions found in the journal, it’s time to give it away!

Psssst…. This is YOUR game and when it comes to kindness, there are no rules!

  • You can draw a Cards4Humanity each day to hear it’s message and then pass it along to someone that same day.
  • You can draw all 21 Cards4Humanity for yourself as your own personal journey, and then begin giving them away to others.
  • You can take the 21-Day Kindness Challenge and give away a card a day for 21 days to create a habit of giving and happiness in your life.
  • Or you can give away all 21 Cards4Humanity in one day as a “Kindness Celebration Day!”

It’s YOUR game of giving and you get to choose. And when it comes to kindness, you can’t get it wrong!

Time to Inspire Others!

1. Begin Your Game of Giving

When you’re ready, it’s time to pass along your Cards4Humanity. This is your game of giving which again, means there are no rules! You can give your Cards4Humanity to friends or family, pass them to a stranger, or leave them anonymously for someone to find. They’re perfect for anyone who could use a little encouragement or kindness. (Which is everyone right now!)

If you need a few ideas to get you started – we’ve got you covered. Use the button below to download the “40 Ways to Play Cards4Humanity” for suggestions on how and where to give the cards.

Download “40 Ways to Play” Here

Our #1 suggestion no matter where you choose to give or leave a Cards4Humanity is – HAVE FUN!

2. Add a message to each Cards4Humanity you play

When you’re ready to give or leave a Cards4Humanity for another, use the QR Code/ URL on the back of each Cards4Humanity to access the online message board. There you can add a special message for whoever will receive or come in contact with this card.

  • Select “I gave this card”
  • Add the general location of where you’re giving or leaving the Cards4Humanity (Ex. “A park in San Diego”)
  • Using the form, include your thoughts about that card’s message, share your answer to the thought-provoking question, or leave a fun message for the person who will receive that card!

Once you give the Cards4Humanity to another, you can return to this online message board and see the ongoing conversation (or see if someone has found your card and left a message!) by using the unique QR Code/ URL printed in the Cards4Humanity Journal for each particular card.

Create a Habit of Happiness

Take the 21-Day Cards4Humanity Kindness Challenge!

Take the 21-Day Cards4Humanity Kindness Challenge and give away all 21 Cards4Humanity in 21 Days to begin forming a habit of giving kindness – and receiving all the feel-good benefits – 21 days in a row!

Join the “Team Cards4Humanity” Facebook Group and share your stories, receive support and celebrate your moments of inspiration and encouragement with other amazing, kind-hearted and like-minded souls!

Join the Facebook Group Here



Once you’ve given away all 21 Cards4Humanity to 21 people, it’s time to sit back, celebrate, and soak up the good feelings of knowing you’ve just changed the lives of others – including your own – with every card you played!

We can’t wait to see you in the game!