Is this a game?

Cards4Humanity is called a “game” because it involves cards and passing them to multiple people. It can also be considered a “tool” for self-improvement and spreading kindness in this world. We at Cards4Humanity think that being kind to others – and ourselves – should be fun and so like to think of this as a “game” that everyone gets to “play!”

Do I need multiple players?

You do not need multiple players to purchase and begin using your Cards4Humanity. There are 21 Cards4Humanity with inspiring phrases and thought-provoking questions that you can use to reflect upon (in the Cards4Humanity Digital Journal). When you are ready to give or pass the Cards4Humanity to others, you can either pass to a person or leave anonymously at a location for someone to find.

What is the suggested age of the “player?”

Do to the nature of the phrases and thought-provoking questions created for the Cards4Humanity, the suggested age of “player” is 13+

Why 21 Cards?

Studies have shown that it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit in our life. There are 21 Cards4Humanity to give away in 21 days, helping to create a repetitive habit of giving, sharing kindness, and creating connections in the lives of those who play.

Do I have to give the Cards4Humanity away in 21 days?

There are no rules to Cards4Humanity and you can play however you choose! You do not have to give away all 21 Cards4Humanity in 21 days. Some players give them away at their leisure, some players give them all away in one day, and others choose to take the “21-Day Cards4Humanity Kindness Challenge” to create a habit of giving kindness in their lives.


What are Cards4Humanity?

Cards4Humanity are small, portable cards with inspiring phrases printed on the front and thought-provoking questions on the back. Each Cards4Humanity also has a special video message and online message board that can be accessed using the QR Code/unique web address printed on the card. The Cards4Humanity act as little “seeds” of kindness and inspiration you can plant into the lives of others – that grow in your life as well!

Do I have to give away or “play” the Cards4Humanity in order?

You can draw the Cards4Humanity and/or give them to others in any order you’d like. The Cards4Humanity are designed to build in concept and inspiration, however if there is a message that “speaks” to you one day, you can choose that particular card to “play.” You can also draw them at random if you’d like. With Cards4Humanity, you make the rules!

How do I use the Cards4Humanity Digital Journal?

When you purchase a deck of Cards4Humanity, you will receive an link to access and download the Cards4Humanity Digital Journal. The journal includes instructions, additional thought-provoking questions and journal prompts, as well as a place to track your Cards4Humanity Game of Giving. As you give the Cards4Humanity away to others, the Cards4Humanity Digital Journal also provides a record of every Cards4Humanity image, phrase, and question, as well as the unique QR Code/URL providing access to the special video message and online message board.

Who do I give the Cards4Humanity to?

You can give the Cards4Humanity to anyone you’d like! You can pass to a friend, family member, or loved one who may need a little inspiration and kindness. You can give to someone you encounter in your day such as a customer service person, or server at a restaurant. Or, you can leave anonymously for someone to find at a later date. This is your game of giving and there are no limits!

How do I access the special video message for each Cards4Humanity?

There is a unique QR Code/ URL printed on every Cards4Humanity (and in the Cards4Humanity Digital Journal pages) that provides access to the special video message associated with each Cards4Humanity theme.

Where do I add my message to each Cards4Humanity?

You can add a personal message to each Cards4Humanity using the unique online message board associated with each card. You can access the online message board using the unique QR Code/ URL printed on every Cards4Humanity (and in the Cards4Humanity Digital Journal pages).



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